Childrens Books


I’m available to speak at elementary school assemblies for a small fee and I especially enjoy going to libraries to read my books during story hour.

I would be happy to come to your school to read and give assembly presentations.  Please contact me at for prices.


I’ll be glad to offer up to two (2) presentations in one day and can tailor presentations to help meet your classroom or curriculum needs.

I have presentations both for younger students (possibly kindergarten through third grade), and a more in-depth presentation for older grades (usually fourth through sixth).

For K – 3rd grade, I’ll read one story, answer questions, actively engaging students.

For 4th through 6th grade, I’ll read the story, answer questions, and can teach any ONE of the following related options:

  • Simple writing tips.
  • Insights into the picture book publishing process, OR
  • Overview basic aviation or aerospace principles (based on which story we read).

In ALL presentations, I strive to engage students in a fun and interactive presentation!

What I need on the day of the assembly:

  • A large table – I usually bring a lot of props with me, so I need a large table nearby where I can quickly grab them.
  • A microphone – It always helps to have the option of having a microphone if needed!
  • One room assignment – If we’re booking more than one presentation in a day, it’s helpful to have me stay in one room for each presentation so we don’t need to move my props.

My presentations are flexible and my rates are very reasonable!  Please contact me at with any questions and for pricing information.

I would be very happy to help enrich to your classrooms!